The Papagayo Resort, 338 Acres Investment Opportunity
Playa Panamá, Sardinal, Carrillo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Price: $21,000,000 USD
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The Papagayo Resort site. a Costa Rica investment property is a 137-hectare (338 acres) hilltop property in Costa Rica with dramatic views of the Pacific Ocean and access to the beach. The site lies approximately 15 minutes from the “Daniel Oduber International Liberia Airport”. Additionally, it’s directly adjacent to the site are the existing communities of Playa Panama and Playa Hermosa.
Government Supported and Entitled this is a government-backed project, named a “priority for the country,” with utilities by the government. In addition, the parcels making up the project site are contiguous and are zoned for full-scale resort development.

Magnificent Views

With 150 meters of varying slopes and diverse topography, this site provides magnificent unobstructed views of the Bay of Culebra, the Gulf of Papagayo, the Four Seasons Papagayo Resort, and the Pacific Ocean.

Utility Infrastructure In Place

Due to the Property’s unique location along the main roadway to the airport, the project has main road frontage allowing for great commercial potential and exposure in addition to having many access points throughout the property making construction and utility access easy. Also, road front access to the required utility infrastructure, including electricity, trash collection, water, and telephone/data communications services.

Great Beach Access

The Papagayo Resort property has access to the longest stretch of beach in Papagayo, with more than two miles of
beachfront, and is located within a short 5-minute boat ride to the new world-class mega yacht Papagayo Marina.

Abundant Local and Regional Amenities

The Guanacaste Region of Costa Rica is poised for tremendous growth in the next several years and of course, will begin to rival Baja California and Cancun as premier resort destinations serving the Americas. Additionally, the Guanacaste Region offers visitors and residents a wide array of recreational opportunities, a favorable climate, distinct culture, and relatively easy access from various locations in North and South America. Major area amenities are below:
• A warm, welcoming culture
• A perfect climate year-round, with no history of hurricanes
• Unique and varied landscape
• Easy access to the new San Rafael Arcangel Hospital
• Easy access to the international airport
• Wide selection of regional amenities and recreational choices
• A stable government and economy
• Qualified and available workforce

Views and Amenities

Furthermore, this Costa Rica investment property project site has numerous high points, ridgelines, and cliff areas, which provide dramatic views of the ocean and surrounding mountains and volcanoes. Moreover, the plan for the property includes maximizing density in areas that have significant views of the water and leaving “non-views” parcels as ecological preserves. Development in Costa Rica varies widely both in the type of land and the quality of the construction. While many projects have been developed on steep slopes. They typically have a detrimental effect on the appearance of the land.
For the purpose of our initial planning efforts, we have identified 40% slopes to the upper limit of development.
Slope and Topographical features. – The project site is made up of two stacked ridges running parallel to the bay. Therefore creating two large platforms for development, with dramatic views. Since Costa Rica is free from snowfall or freezing temperatures. There are not the same constraints for maximum slopes for roadways or driveway access.


The presence of water is felt throughout most of the property, with two seasonal waterfalls present ranging from small trickles of water tucked away in the tropical forest, to 10-meter-high raging falls which will provide a dramatic backdrop to the resort. Also, the project entry road, with a wooden bridge crossing, would provide a unique entry feature to the resort. Moreover, the water theme could be carried throughout the property by integrating streams, galls, wetlands, and ponds into the resort features and the stormwater retention system.


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